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Alejandro Vasconcelos

  • Department: COMMERCE AND TRADE.
  • Experience: 20 Years
My Biography

A visionary and influential leader in the sustainable agriculture industry. As the founder of Somos Mezcaleros México (We are Mezcaleros Mexico), an agave production and sustainability training center, Alejandro has dedicated himself to training and supporting small rural producers in environmental sustainability and profitable crop management. His expertise in agave plants, seed collection, agave nurseries, and agroecology of pests has made him an essential link between buyers and producers in the agave derivatives market.

With a demonstrated track record of success, he has served as the Managing Director of Biosphere Farms SPRL, overseeing the production of grains, vegetables, agave plants, and alfalfa. He is responsible for preparing work plans, controlling staff, analyzing installation projects, supervising income and expenses, managing market deliveries and customers, and analyzing seeds and soil to determine fertilizers.

As the Co-Founder of Mezcal-Art S.A de C.V, a shop-restaurant-mezcalería, Vasconcelos has also managed planning, marketing, customer service, and personnel training. He has worked closely with small producers to promote sustainability and fair trade while fostering the output of their productions.

Alejandro’s exceptional leadership skills and commitment to sustainability extend beyond the agricultural industry. He served as the President of the Healthy and Green San Miguel AC, a civil association of organic producers. His role was to establish certification, training, production, education, and research laboratory programs to support the field and form a brand community.